Tomebound Couriers

Young wizard

The Tomebound Couriers are the active servants of The Aelich Princes and the sole practitioners of arcane magic in the world. Very little is known about the order to those outside of it’s membership but it is common knowledge that you can recognize one from the ornate robes bearing the crest of Tirn Aill. Many Couriers who spend time amidst the public keep an Orc bodyguard close by to see to their defense.

Tomebound Couriers are selected from the general public by some unknown means early in life, and then administered a test of some kind within the great tower at the heart of Wyrdrain. After passing this test, they are then required to take the Tomebound Oath and become officially recognized spellcasters. The Tomebound Oath is understood by most as a set of principles the Couriers live their lives by, but little is actually written on what this Oath entails.

Any character wishing to be an Arcane spellcaster must speak with the DM about taking the Tomebound Oath.

After taking the Oath, Couriers enter a state of apprenticeship, where the basics of magic are learned and adapted to the new magician’s individual style by an existing Courier. Upon completion of this apprenticeship, the Tomebound Courier then recieves an assignment as granted by a superior and then spends his life on maintaining that task. Whether it is the oversight of a community’s law enforcement, or some other task that concerns the Aelich Princes.

Tomebound Couriers

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