Magic in Tirn Aill

Magic in the realm of Tirn Aill has a few rules and limitations that players should be aware of before playing. I recommend reading this page before beginning the character creation process.

The realm is ruled by an elite council of wizards, called The Aelich Princes, who provide and regulate all the known magic forces in the world. Most of the general public is unable to use magic, and seeing it frequently is pretty unusual outside of Wyrdrain. A few individuals outside the Aelich Princes have the potential for spellcasting, however. These spellcasters are what make up an order known as the Tomebound Couriers. An organization that regulates both magic and law-enforcement.

Players who wish to be arcane classes must speak with the DM about taking a Tomebound Oath.

Primal magics exist beyond the rule of the Aelich Princes. But are often feared as dark or demonic practices by the people of the Fair Lands. The Aelich Princes have denounced their practice in civilized lands and, though it is not an inherent crime to practice, primal magic tends to be a quick route to trouble with the Tomebound Couriers.

Players who wish to play as primal caster classes should be prepared to struggle with most NPCs, as primal magic has a bit of a taboo attached to it.

Outside of local superstition and the unworldly respect given to the Aelich Princes, there is no true dogmatic religion in Tirn Aill and no divine source to draw clerical powers from.

Divine magic does not exist in Tirn Aill. Players who wish to play classes with the “Divine” power source should meet with the DM about proper alterations, or seek other classes instead.

Magic in Tirn Aill

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