Tirn Aill

Sessions 1 and 2 by Wotak the Adept of Dragonfire

Long has been the rule of the immortal sorcerors known as the Aelich Princes. And long since has faded the magic of the old Eladrin. In this, the 7th Age of the kingdom of Tirn Aill, much of the world has changed from ways past.

Darkness and chaos once ruled in this realm. Corrupt men enslaved hard hearted dwarves. Barbaric orcs and elves slew one another in the ever growing wasteland that demons call home. The very land cried out in terror as blood became the language of the people. The Golden Age of the Eladrin Ancestors and their enlightened culture had already sunk from existence and memory; leaving nothing in their wake but savages hungry for the slaughter.

Yet in the 3rd Age of the kingdom of Tirn Aill, salvation fell upon the land like the dawn after darkest night. Six great powers united the feuding tribes and races under a banner of civilization. They created the great city of Wyrdrain, a testament to the enlightened glory of our empire, upon a festering bog in the first of many miracles. These six great conjurers were the Aelich. Together they wielded a power like none the world had ever seen. And together it was shared with the people. Magic returned to the races through the Aelich. And they were made princes for their efforts. Technology spread as magic made lives safer and fairer. Roads were established, and trade became the new language of the people.

Since the rise of the Six Arcane Kings and their kingdom of miracles, the world has learned from itself. History has become a cornerstone of society as we, the Adepts of Dragonfire, have made imperative it’s telling.

In recent days, it has been of interest to note the events of a certain group of travellers within our great kingdom. They have brought before me many strange things that I feel may very well change the course of our land’s future. Though for better or worse, I cannot yet say. Allow me to start from the beginning of their tale:

Our travellers met, at first, at a crossroads. A peculiar crossroads to be certain, as they each stopped to rest at one of the great Seer Stone Towers that have long been abandoned by all but the Eladrin Ancestors. Fate is a peculiar mistress, for it was also upon this same night that a band of goblin monsters decided to use this same crossroads and attacked them.
In the conflict, the ruins had collapsed beneath them. The group, consisting of a Tombound Courier, a Tiefling Warlord and an Elven Druid and Ranger, had no choice but to explore the deep underground tunnels in an attempt to escape and survive.

Within the tunnels, they met a band of kobolds who warned them of evil spirits that haunted the dark. Our dear travellers eventually met up with this evil spirit, and were lucky to survive its terror. This shade had been guarding something, however. A massive tome of potent magic that may be the largest complete text of the ancient Eladrin language we have ever seen.

From there, it was not long before they succeeded in finding the surface again. Where they travelled to Brinneden to seek answers or profit for the book. Along the way, another Tomebound Courier met them and became interested in the affair. Luckily they there encountered more of our blessed order of Adepts of Dragonfire, who pointed them towards the most learned individual of Eladrin language and resources in the great kingdom of the Six Princes: myself.

But it was when they arrived that I learned of the great and terrible deeds to come…

Odarius seal


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