Welcome to the Realm of Tirn Aill!


~Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since we played but I intend to start the game back up very soon right where we had left off. If people are available, please send me times to play whenever possible. I’ve already written the next couple of sessions so we are more than ready to start playing again whenever is most convenient for you all.

~I’ve left each of you with an account on the site some messages with a little info that your characters should have if they don’t have them already. If you intend to play this game regularly with us, I really recommend making an account on obsidian portal and then emailing me (korvin) so I can give you ownership of your character. Also, it makes sending you information about the game a lot easier.

~Those of you with accounts and characters can now update your character bio’s as you see fit. Simply go to your character sheet here on the site, click edit, and go down to the box that says “Biography (fluff)”. When you click the green “misc” tab on your character sheet, everyone will be able to learn a bit more about your character! pretty cool huh?

~ Also, I’ve updated the adventure log with it’s FIRST OFFICIAL POST!!!! From an npc’s perspective, it basically covers all the important events that have happened thus far in the game as well as giving a little history to the kingdom of Tirn Aill for those interested. If anybody feels I left something out, feel free to update the log with your own entry (in character of course).

~Finally, if you all haven’t noticed it yet, I update this home page a lot. I know I’m throwing a lot of text at you right now, but we have some time still before we play again and I’m giving you plenty of opportunity to read through this stuff. I’m going to start adding dates to the top of the home page so you all know when I’m adding new info. I promise every update won’t be this winded. I’m also keeping the old updates on so we get a sense of time passing with the updates. BE SURE TO CHECK THE HOMEPAGE FOR UPDATES EVERY WEEK I’M IN OTTOWA BEFORE WE PLAY.


-All of the current characters are now listed under the character tab. If you make an account and send me (korvin) a message, I can add you to the campaign and your character will be available on your profile page.

-Now is the time to bring up the adventure log. I’ve talked with tessa and we’ve discussed possibly using it as a roleplaying tool and game journal. After a session, players can plug in an entry, in character mind you, just summarizing any important details that happened through the game. Significant treasure, npc’s that stood out, particularly tough baddies we may want to watch out for. Not only will this help remind everyone what has happened, but it will keep players who missed a session informed and provide a great chance to get used to playing your character. If anyone is up for this idea, just let me know.

Tirn Aill

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