Orcs are the second most abundant peoples in Tirn Aill. Defined by their aggressive features and a large, powerful build, the orcs of Tirn Aill have learned to combine the savagery of their warrior instinct with the sophistication and progressive idealism of the Aelich Princes’ Empire. Orcs number among the most respected of citizens. Their initiative in maintaining militias and defending the border of the Great Expanse makes war heroes common among their kin.

Before the foundation of the Empire, the Orcish people lived in warring tribal clans deep within the deserts of the Great Expanse much as the Elves do. After meeting with the Aelich Princes and learning of the Great Divide, however, the Orcs did not hesitate to abandon their primitive tribal societies to join under the banner of impirial rule.

Orc characters are war heroes, border defenders, and commonly Adepts of Dragonfire who live dangerous lives in an attempt to bring honor to name and clan

Orcs use the Player’s Handbook Racial stats of Dragonborn, except instead of the “Dragon Breath” encounter power, they receive the “Fury of the Sands” Daily power listed below

Lost in the heat of battle, you retaliate back the blows struck to you against every foe nearby
Daily * Weapon or Implement
Immediate Reaction Burst 2

Targets: All creatures in the area
Attack: Strength + 2 vs. Reflex, Constitution + 2 vs. Reflex, or
Dexterity + 2 vs. Reflex
Hit: Half the damage recieved from the last attack
Special: When you create your character, choose Strength,
Constitution, or Dexterity as the ability score you use
when making attack rolls with this power. If you are an arcane spellcaster, you also choose
the power’s damage type: acid, cold, fire, lightning, or
poison. These two choices remain throughout your character’s
life and do not change the power’s other effects.


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