Under a dark sun by jason engle

The Elves of Tirn Aill reside deep within the deserts of the Great Expanse. Much like the Orcs once were, the Elves are a tribal and nomadic people with strong ties to tradition and ritual. These Elven traditions, however, draw on natural and ancestral spirits; Instead of the arcane magics regulated by the Aelich Princes, or the warrior culture that has defined the Orcs.

Elves descend from the same Eladrin lineage as the other major races of Tirn Aill, yet they do not interact as well or as often as the others have. Elves send trading convoys to the Orcs, with whom they share the closest bonds, and many Elves leave behind their tribes to take up life within the Fair Lands of Tirn Aill. But Elves do not have a society that is ingrained with the Empire culture under the Aelich Princes.

Of all the races of Tirn Aill, the Elves are the most accepting of primal magics as well as its most skilled practitioners. This and the lack of authority that the Aelich Princes have over them have created a natural aversion to Elves who venture beyond the borders of the desert. Luckily, this doesn’t happen often.

Elven Characters are tribal nomads who have left their desert home to live in the fair lands of Tirn Aill.

Elves specialize in Primal classes. While other races may play primal classes, Elves have a natural affinity that allows those with primal classes to obtain Ritual Books with an added perk. Any ritual with the “Arcana” or “Divine” key skill can be added to the caster’s rituals, and instead uses the “Nature” skill and counts as a primal ritual for the purposes of play.


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