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The Dwarven race, at one time, served completely as slaves under human rule. A great war between humans and dwarves before the founding of the Empire ended in a complete domination of dwarven lands by the human invaders. Suffering countless generations of servitude, the dwarves had long been treated as second class citizens of Tirn Aill.

Since the council of the The Aelich Princes claimed rule and the Empire was established, the dwarven people have been emancipated and permitted to reclaim many of their former homelands. Their lack of opportunities in centuries past has bred into them an uncommon drive for material gain. Many dwarves find themselves drawn to establishing businesses or becoming merchants in the hopes of aquiring wealth. Because of this, modern dwarves are considered somewhat greedy; a notion that many of them have come to embrace.

Despite their oppression, dwarven peoples have wasted no time in reestablishing themselves as a powerful entity and many have claimed places among the social elite, gaining land titles and establishing the first small dwarven cities in centuries. The people have endured much turmoil, though, and the animosity between humans and dwarves is still quite strong.

Dwarven characters are adventurers and explorers in search of wealth and fame. They are descended from slaves and, because of this, tend to be future and goal oriented.


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